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INMerch is proudly South African merchandising technology company. We take the pain out of creating and selling merchandise for artists, creators and communities of all kinds.

How does it work?

Simply request to join INMerch and work with our expert team of designers, content creators, marketers and business developers.  INMerch will work work with you every step of the way from product inception, marketing campaign to sale and final delivery. When customers buy your product, we’ll handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs. You will be able to keep track of all sales and deliveries and withdraw profits.



  • Earn Royalties
  • We pay you a royalty on every product sold.


  • No inventory risk
  • Don't worry about unsold stock. We'll print your product after each sale using world-class print technology.


  • Reach new customers
  • Your products will be available on the platform to hundreds of new of customers.


  • Track your success
  • Use our analysis tools for insights on your best-selling designs and watch your revenue grow.


How much is it join INMerch?
INMerch is a free to use and has no upfront costs for creators or shoppers.

Why is INMerch an invite-only system?
As INMerch we would like to insure security and authenticity so we created INMerch as an invite only system.

Do my submissions need to comply with a content policy?
Yes. If INMerch determines that your design violates one of our content policies, we may remove it without notice. INMerch reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate. Listing a design that violates our content policies may result in the cancellation of your listings, or the suspension or termination of your INMerch account. 

How are royalties calculated?
Your profits increase the more items you sell and you benefit from the same economies of scale as traditional printing. Profits =Sale price – cost of production.

Can I order a sample before I publish a product?
When you are about to publish your product, you will have the option to make it accessible via a direct link only, or public where customers can search and find it on INMerch. In either case, we encourage you to purchase a sample to make sure your design works with the selected product attributes.

How should I prepare my t-shirt artwork to be uploaded?
Your design should be a 300 dpi PNG. Though the image size should be 15 x 18 inches (the printable area of the product), we recommend a design that fits comfortably within that area rather than taking up all of it. We have designers that assist with content creation, as well as creating new fresh ideas.

I want to upload a product design to INMerch. Can I submit the same design to another website or manufacturer?
Yes. INMerch is non-exclusive but designs created by our designs are the intellectual property and the rights for the product design can be bought from us.

What shipping options do my customers get?
INMerch handles product shipping through our shipping channels.

I’ve submitted a request for an invitation. When will I hear back about my invitation?
Invitation responses take 24 hours and will be followed with details on the next steps to take as well as identity confirmation.

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